Heart Healthy Holiday Oats

22 December 2016

Heart Healthy Holiday Oats

Sugar and spice and everything nice. It's the season of chocolates, pies, cookies and all around delicious holiday treats. 

Here at Mello Mae, we have two questions in mind - how to stay healthy and in shape pre and post holiday, and how to make healthy meals that still have a holiday twist. 

That's why we're excited about this simple holiday oats recipe, with just a few easy ingredients. 

Holiday Oats:

1. Quaker Oats

2. Organic Strawberry Jam

3. Macadamia or Almond Butter

4. Fresh Red Fruits


To-make, follow the standard directions for making oatmeal, then add your preferred amount of each topping. Use less for a low-fat option, or more for a morning treat.




Team Mello Mae